Newsletter: Outlaw Cigar Newsletter - March

March 15, 2008 Issue #1


 Watch January's Party Video:

Carlos Diez of Puros Indios comes to The Outlaw and parties like a rock star. Check out the video and see for yourself what a great party this was.

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   Other Videos Online:

               Making of the Outlaw Party Girls Calendar.

Kansas City Brigade Cheerleaders at The Outlaw.

Check it out. The Brigade Cheerleaders, The entire Squad, is coming to the next Outlaw Party on March 22nd, with Jose Oliva. The girls are going to perform and show off their stuff. This should be super cool.

The Outlaw is having an "Outlaw Goes to the Brigade Game" Outing on March 29th. 25 super premium seats have been set aside for The Outlaw to the March 29th Game. When the girls come to the March 22nd party they will be selling tickets to the March 29th game ($40 each). We will meet at the outlaw on the 29th and party our way to the Brigade Game.


 New in the Humidor - Perdomo Lot 23 

Now in The Outlaw Humidor the Perdomo Lot 23, with prices from 4.75 - 5.25 per stick. This cigar was brought in to satisfy the craving expressed by our customers. So here it is ...smok'em up!

PERDOMO LOT 23® is named after one of Tabacalera Perdomo's prestigious farms located near its factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The blend is a combination of exquisite filler and binder tobaccos grown exclusively on the Lot 23® farm. After harvesting the tobacco and aging it in bale for four years, the cigars were rolled and aged in one of Perdomo's large aging rooms for another six months before being sent to their office in Miami for distribution.

PERDOMO LOT 23® is a medium to full flavored blend that offers a well-balanced, complex smoking experience. The dark Ecuadorian Connecticut-shade wrapper lends not only a stunning aesthetic appeal, but it adds an elegant creaminess which complements the robust Nicaraguan fillers.

PERDOMO LOT 23® cigars are available in the following four traditional sizes packaged in stunning 20 count cedar boxes: Robusto (5" x 50); Toro (6" x 50); Churchill (7" x 50) and Belicoso (5¾" x 54).
GROWN: September 2000
HARVESTED: January 2001
FERMENTED: Jan 2001 - Jan 2002
AGED: 2002 - 2003
             Try the Peromo Lot 23 cigar at 15% off during the month of April.

New Outlaw Shirt in the House


Last Months party - Los Blancos

            What a great party! Check out the photo's on-line

Contest Winners: 


Congratulations to Scott McFather - Long Ash Contest.

                           Last Months Points Winner:  

                                Chris Borneuf    

                 -Chris won a new Humidor! - Join the fun!                              

Kansas City Smoking Ban - April 8th Vote NO

On April 8th Kansas City Citizens are asked to vote on a new smoking ordnance put on the ballet by a group of petitioners.

The problem with this new smoking ordnance is that it does not exempt cigar stores. Across the country smoking bans are being passed and in almost every case they exempt cigar stores, even in New York and California. The Kansas City - City Counsel just passed a separate new smoking ban set to go into effect on March 23rd. This smoking ban does exempt cigar stores. We should not pass another smoking ban unless it is in step with the rest of the country. Please help out the Outlaw with a NO Vote on April 8th.

Outlaw Supporting the Troops


The Outlaw is honored to ship cigars to our military deployed around the world. Recently The Outlaw received this photo from the 332nd Expeditionary Medical Operations Squadron Air Force Theater Hospital, Balad AB, Iraq. To read more detials about this unit and other military <click here>.

Please Vote for THE OUTLAW!

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