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Daily Cigar Log Revisited
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Posted by: gronk50, on 4/19/2010, in category "Kendall Culbertson"
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Abstract: This blog has been rested long enough, so updates will resume without further delay


8:20am -
Cabaiguan Petite a favorite quick smoke in the mornings.

11:30am - Tatuaje Petite, see above reference to a favorite quick smoke etc.

2:30pm -  Origen Original from Jesus Fuego, a great little rustic- looking cigar.

6:30pm - Origen Lancero, excellent smoke, very tasty, all corojo.


6:10am - 
Tatuaje Petite great with morning coffee

8:40am - Tatuaje Petite,, great without coffee
2:30pm - Casa Fernandez Salamon Maduro, a big bold cigar to spend an afternoon with

7:40pm - Tatuaje Tainos, one of my favorite Tatuajes when I have time for it


8:20am -
Tatuaje Petite,, been on a Tatuaje jag the past couple of days,haven't I ?

10:50am - Tatuaje Petite, not a mistake, I had another one in my travel humidor !

5:40pm - Davidoff 2000 ,a great smoke in a small package

6:50pm - Viaje Oro gifted to me, small production, great smokes


7:10am -
Tatuaje Havana VI Victoria still starting the day with Tatuaje, excellent little lancero

11:40am - El Triunfador #6 second one of the newly blended stick in a lancero very tasty

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