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New Outlaw coming to Overland Park
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Posted by: OutlawD, on 8/4/2009, in category "Outlaw News"
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Location: Kansas City, MO, United States
Abstract: Over 8,000 sq ft of Outlaw luxury is coming to Overland Park KS. Opening in early November 2009.

The Outlaw will be opening a new big and bad ass cigar store at the corner of  137th and Metcalf in Overland Park KS. This huge new store will be 8,000 sq ft. and feature two smoking lounges, as well as a humidor two and a half times bigger than our present location.

outlaw south

Destruction of the inside has already begun as the entire building will be gutted and rebuilt.
Completion is scheduled for early November 2009. The remodel will include a separate poker lounge and maybe a few surprises Kendall might have up his sleeve.

Stay tuned to this article for picture updates as they happen. We will be posting a pictorial history of the entire process so be sure to check back from time to time and see what we're up to.


Here are some more pictures of the inside of the building with a little more of the "clearing out" completed.

This will soon be part of the new smoking lounge.

Here we see why the process is taking so long, Kendall has taken to doing everything himself, but he refuses to work without a good cigar.


Ok here is some of the latest and last pictures of the destruction process. The interior walls will be going up very soon!!!

Here is the floor before the fun begins.....

Here we see the fun happening!! That's right there's a Bobcat with a Jackhammer in the Outlaw!!

So with that we will conclude the destruction portion of this article but stay tuned for the Construction.....


Well the construction has begun at the new location and it  is coming along very nicely. Here are a few pictures of what is happening at the new Outlaw.

This is what you would see if you were to walk in the front door, this is a portion of the showroom. Behind it where the guys are actually working is the humidor.

This is a small portion of the smoking lounge looking toward the front door and the show room. The big space behind the worker on the scaffold is where the 65" and two 54" Plasma TV's will go.

This view is looking toward the back corner of the lounge. The opening on the left side with the big piece of sheet rock in front of it is the entrance to the locker room.

This is from the entrance to the lounge via the showroom looking back to what will be the back corner of the lounge. Its a little cluttered at the moment but we will get it cleaned up before too long, or at least get it moved to the side so we can have a place to sit.

That's all for now, hopefully the next update will be to show off some paint and tile work, something a little more pleasing to the eye and a little closer to the actual finished product.


Ok things are really coming along fast. Here are some pictures of what the new store is looking like.

This photo is from inside the showroom looking into the humidor. Notice the lack of raw sheet rock and the nice orange walls with actual wood trim.

This shot is from inside the lounge, that nice pretty wood wall will be pretty much covered with all the big screen TV's. One 65" and two 54" Plasma TV's will adorn this wall.

This is the back part of the lounge with the locker room door on the right and the convenience  area on the left.

This picture is in the poker lounge, this is another beautiful wood wall that will be filled with big screen TV's. Plenty of seating for poker, a private gathering, or overflow for parties.

OK here's the fun room, the humidor. This is just a small portion of the back corner. Lots of shelf space for all your favorite cigars. The humidor will feature an island for display as well as a cigar rolling table.

Well that's all for now keep checking back we will have more pictures up just before the opening coming soon.....


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